21 January 2011

Petition For Naturalization: Ciriaco Luigi Ferdinando Pizzano (1898)

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Ciriaco Luigi Ferdinando Pizzano was born 17 April 1898 in Torre le Nocelle to Francesco Saverio Pizzano and Maria Carmina Iarrobino.  

Ciriaco comes from a very long line of carpenters and was awarded an international prize in Milan in 1933. He died on 24 November 1970 in Revere, MA.  

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Petition For Naturalization #114445
Name: Ciriaco Pizzano
Residence: 343 Vale St., Chelsea MA
Occupation: Carpenter
Birth: 17 April 1898 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Emigration: Colombo - Napoli to New York - 6 September 1923
Declaration of Intention: #176322 filed 7 October 1925 in Boston MA
Marital: Single
Witness: George W. Frongello, tailor, Boston
Witness: Margaret Lombardi, Chelsea
Date of Admission: 20 May 1929
Certificate #: 2941841

"Leading Americans of Italian Descent in Massachusetts" page 625


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