08 March 2011

Petition For Naturalization: Francesco Angelo Raffaele dello Iacono (1874)

 Naturalization Petition

Francesco Angelo Raffaele dello Iacono was born 9 May 1874 in Torre le Nocelle to Giovanni and Maria Assunta Ucci.  He married Pasqualina la Torella on 23 April 1900 in Torre le Nocelle.  Pasqualina was born 1879 in Torre to Michele la Torella and Maria Giovanna Lombardi.

Petition for Naturalization #117831
Filed: 16 May 1929 in Boston, MA
Name: Angelo Raffaele Dello Iacono
Residence: 152 Swanton Street, Winchester, MA
Occupation: Laborer
Birth: 9 May 1874 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Emigration: "Europa" - Napoli to New York - 20 June 1911
Declaration of Intention: #195174 filed 29 April 1927 in Boston

Wife: Pasqualina, born in Italy, resides in Winchester
1. Maria A, born 1 May 1910 in Italy
2. Maria G, born 25 September 1911 in Italy
3. Maria G, born 5 August 1918 in Winchester

Witness: John F Cassidy, real estate, Winchester
Witness: Vincenzo Gigliotti, glue cooker, Winchester

Date of Dismissal: 12 January 1931
Reason: Lack of Prosecution
Date of Admission: 11 May 1931 (resubmitted)
Certificate #: 3415089

Pedigree chart of daughter Maria Grazia.


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