06 March 2011

Photo Op

When I was young our family captured memories in Kodak moments, on Polaroid snapshots, and on 8 mm film. None of these memories would be available to view until after the recording medium was processed.

A later generation would add video tape to the repertoire and get instant memories.

Today many people not only record their memories on digital media where they are immediately available to be seen but also make their memories available to the world on social web sites such as Facebook, flickr, and Picasa.

A earlier generation lacked these options for preserving their memories.  They would go to a photography studio to have their photos taken.

I have a collection of such photos from my paternal grandparents, Benigno Palmino DeSantis and Elvira Ardolino. Benigno was born in Taurasi, Elvira in Torre le Nocelle. When they emigrated to America, they settled in Boston.

I do not know who most of the people in these photos are, so I can not say very much about them.

But, about some of the photos I can say this:

This bearded man is in a hat.

Are these boys in the Army? Whose Army?

Why a fence of branches in the studio?

Maria e Mario ha un piccolo agnello.

That does not look like Revere Beach.

This guy has been to Cleveland.

I wish I knew who these people were.
More of them can be seen at: The Unknowns and Some Knowns

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