05 April 2011

1906 Boston MA Births Capone and Colarusso

1906 Boston MA Birth Index Volume: 561 Page: 41

Ayeee ... look what they've done to the dello Iacono surname.  Both Mario's parents were born 1865 in Torre le Nocelle - Domenico on 12 February and Maria Grazia dello Iacono on 28 August.

Entry: 1809
Name: Mario Capone
Birth: 17 March 1906
Residence: 124 Prince St.
Father: Domenico Capone, marble worker, born in Italy
Mother: Maria G Lojacano, born in Italy

I'm thinking Ersilia's father Ciriaco Colarusso was born in Montemiletto, but have nothing to back it up yet.  The only thing I can say for sure is that he wasn't born in Torre.  Perhaps someone will recognize the name and fill us in...

Entry: 1824
Name: Ersilia Colarusso
Birth: 10 February 1906
Residence: 21 Salvation St.
Father: Ciriaco Colarusso, barber, born in Italy
Mother: Paolina Purcello, born in Italy


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