23 April 2011

Concord, MA - Patriot's Day 2011

The Old North Bridge, Concord, MA

Aahh, the Patriot's Day parade.  My first time returning to Massachusetts in almost 20 years, so I just had to stop by Concord and watch the reenactment at the Old North Bridge.  It was cold and dreary, but at least we didn't get snow.

Nonna's house on Hubbard St.

When I was a kid we drove up from the Cape every April 19th. Parking wasn't a problem as Nonna and Grampa John lived on the corner of Hubbard street in Concord - walking distance from the Old North Bridge.  She'd stay home and cook while the rest of us trotted off to see the sights.  By the time we returned to the house - cold, tired and usually damp - we'd be greeted by the smell of meatballs and sauce on the stove and ricotta "Easter Pizza" cooling on the counter.

Ready, aim...


The Redcoats are coming .... by bus??

Yep ... gotta' get me one of those raccoon hats.

Here come the scruffy Yanks ... ready to kick some Redcoat butt.

The fife....

... and drums.

The bridge might have shrunk in size since I last saw it as a kid, but let me tell you ... 
these cannons are twice as loud as they used to be.

Yes, I'm a traitor ... but it was such a nice gun :-)

Last, but not least ...Harrison and Austin - my two favorite nephews - who made the whole trip worthwhile!


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