09 April 2011

U.S. Passport Application: Pasquale Ardolino (1872)

Pasquale Ardolino circa 1920

Try as I might, I could not improve the quality of this photo.  Pasquale definitely has the Ardolino forehead tho...  

Pasquale was married to Maria Raffaella Luongo on 4 July 1895 in Torre le Nocelle.

Passport #: 187229 Issued 13 March 1910
Name: Pasquale Ardolino
Birth: 14 February 1872 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy (His Italian birth act says he was born on the 24th.)
Father: Ciriaco Ardolino, deceased
Emigration: 9 November 1892 from Naples
Residence: 1892-1920 in Pittston, PA
Naturalization: 16 August 1906 in Scranton, PA
Reason For Travel: To settle estate of father and visit mother.

Passport Application p.1
Passport Application p.2

Pasquale's pedigree chart


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