05 May 2011

Doing Boston With The Cugini...

Sacred Heart Italian Church, North End, Boston 

Spring usually finds me in Torre getting into trouble with Florindo, but this year it took me to Boston where I was fortunate to be able to hook up with cousins Carole and Jeff - whoo hoo!  

The three of us have been corresponding via the internet for some six or seven years now, but this is the first chance we were able to meet in person.  

Carole and I each took the train to Boston, meeting up at South Station and proceeding along to North Square ... where a beaming Jeffrey greeted us as we stumbled from the cab. (Actually Carole was quite graceful ... I that was the oaf.)

We had a great time roaming the streets of the North End, a fabulous lunch at Dolce Vita Ristorante. (Thanks for the reminder, Loo!)  They make the best tortellini alla boscaiola ... mmm.

We cold have done without the rain, but overall it was a terrific day.   So enough talk ... on to the pictures :-)

Jeff and Carole in front of St. Leonard Church

Jeff and (coffee addict) Carm

San Antonio - St. Leonard Church Garden

San Francesco -  St. Leonard Church Garden

Apse - St. Leonard Church

St. Leonard Church

Ralph J. Palumbo Square off Prince Street

165 Salem Street - Several of our ancestors have lived here:
Palmarino Ardolino (b.1867)
Biaggio Giovanni Emanuele de Cristofaro (b.1863)
Ardita de Leo (b.1897)
Giovannino de Minico (b.1850)
Domenico Todesca (b.1889)

Corner of Salem and Sheafe Streets

St. Francis of Assisi Garden

ditto ...

The door on in the center belongs to 75 North Margin Street - this is where Florindo's grandfather stayed when he delivered the statue of San Ciriaco from Torre in 1913.

Snowhill Street with Cleveland Place just down on the right.

Rain, rain, go away ...

Corner of Cross and Salem Streets

North Square - Paul Revere house on the left.

... and this one just because I liked the old, beat up vase.

And if that wasn't enough fun,  just as soon as I returned to Florida, Maria-Francesca and I got together for our yearly coffee.  Her hubby snapped us as we were giggling over the image of Florindo visually explaining Italian hand gestures :-)

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures! I can't wait to see Jeff and Carole again in just a few weeks along with another cugini, Teri Gallant. We'll take more pictures for Jeff to post. Wish you could come, Carm!!


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