22 May 2011

Her Three Sons

A native of Torre le Nocelle (born April 12, 1887), Pasqualina Penna had been living in Campanarello, Pietradefusi since December 8, 1913 with her three sons; Giorgio(George), Achille Ciriaco, and Guglielmo Antonio Giovanni (William) when she applied for a U.S. passport at the American Consulate in Naples on July 1, 1916, submitting the photo of herself and her three children.

Actually, she had been living with her two elder sons until Guglielmo was born in Pietradefusi on February 5, 1914.

Pasqualina had arrived in Naples December 7, 1913 on the Romanic with Giorgio and Achille.

Prior to arriving in Naples, Pasqualina and the boys had lived in Winchester, Massachusetts for about four years with their husband and father, Sebastiano Penna. Sebastiano was born in Torre le Nocelle on April 6, 1883.

Both Giorgio (June 9, 1910) and Achille (March 27, 1912) were born in Winchester. Their birth records show Penna as their mother's maiden name as well as her married name.

In support of her passport application, Pasqualina submitted the following identification documents:

  • A certificate of naturalization of husband Sebastiano Penna, issued by the Fourth District Court of Eastern Middlesex, at Woburn, Mass on October 3, 1904.
  • A copy of the birth certificate of 3 minor children as follows:
    • George, born 9th June 1910 (from the register of Baptisms, Parish of Winchester, Mass.).
    • Achille Ciriaco, born 27th March 1912, (from the Register of Baptisms, Parish of Winchester, Mass).
    • Guglielmo Antonio Giovanni Penna, born at Pietradifusa 5th February 1914 (from the register of vital records, Comune of Pietradifusa, issued 15 Jun 1916).
  • A certificate of identification from the Mayor of Pietradefusi of Pasqualina Penna issued June 26, 1916.

Pasqualina and the boys left Naples October 2, 1917 aboard the Cretic, arriving in Boston on October 26, 1917 and proceeded to join Sebastiano in Winchester at 38 Florence Street.

At the time of the 1930 U.S. Census on April 13th, the family included a daughter, Mary, and was still living in Winchester, but on Irving Street.

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