11 June 2011

Petition For Naturalization: Angelo Raffaele Capone (1883)

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Petition for Naturalization # 4464
Filed 3 July 1911 in Boston MA
Name: Capone, Angelo Raffaele
Occupation: Boot Black
Residence: 56 Endicott St. Boston MA
Birth: 19 March 1883 in Montemiletto, Italy
Emigration: "Patria" - Napoli to New York - 4 March 1901
Declaration of Intention: #4063 Filed 18 November 1907 in Boston MA
Spouse: Saveria, born in Italy, residing in Boston
Child: Maria, born 22 December 1909 in Boston
Witness: Edward A. Davis, sail maker, Somerville
Witness: Emilio Fatalo, tailor, Boston
Date of Admission: 4 December 1911
Certificate of Naturalization #: 236854

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