20 June 2011

Petition For Naturalization: Jeremiah Pellegrino Scopa (1886)

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Petition For Naturalization #41735
Filed: 16 December 1918 in Boston, MA
Name: Jeremiah Pellegrino Scopa
Residence: 89 Parker Street, Chelsea, MA / Camp Devens, MA
Occupation: Soldier / Barber
Birth: 21 November 1886 in Montemiletto, Italy
Emigration: "Laken" - Napoli to New York - 19 February 1904
Declaration of Intention: #11285 Filed 30 October 1910 in Boston
Note: "Act of May 9th, 1918"
Marital: Single
Witness: Vernon A. (Lannoy), Sgt. U.S.A., Co. D, 36 M G, Camp Devens
Witness: Daniel J. Mahoney, Sgt. U.S.A., Co. D, 36 M G, Camp Devens
Date of Admission: 16 December 1918
Certificate #: 904870

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