31 July 2011

Carlantonio Cirignano 1860

Pedigree of Carlantonio Cirignano

#1 Filed 3 Gennaio 1860
Name: Carlantonio Cirignano
Birth: 3 Gennaio 1860 ad ore otto
Baptism: 3 Gennaio 1860
Father: Ciriaco Cirignano, 30, falegname, figlio del fu Carlantonio Cirignano
Mother: Giovanna Vozella, 29
Witness: Carmine de Cristofaro, calzolaio
Witness: Angelo Cassano, contadino
Sindaco: Leopoldo Penna
Since so many of you have been asking for the remainder of the Stato Civile acts I thought I'd try a new approach and post as I go ... rather than make you wait until I finish transcribing an entire year :-)


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