17 July 2011

World War II Draft Registration: John Drinkwater

World War II Draft Registration
Serial #: U-790
Board: Wakefield, MA #149
Name: John Drinkwater
Residence: 147 Lowell Street, Wakefield, Middlesex, MA
Birth: 26 July 1881 in Montemiletto, Italy
Contact: Mrs. John Drinkwater, address above
Employer: Elk Spring Beverage Company, 147 Lowell Street, Wakefield, MA

The photo of Elk Spring Beverage (above) and the company history (below) were found at the Noble Digital Heritage site.

John Drinkwater was born as Giovanni Bevilacqua. He married Maria Carmela Petrillo in Boston on 8 November 1906. Although Giovanni was born in Montemiletto his Bevilacqua line is from Torre le Nocelle, documented back to 1630. Partial pedigree chart below.


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