01 September 2011

Giovanni Battista de Angelis 1860

#20 Filed 22 Giugno 1860
Name: Giovanni Battista de Angelis
Birth: 22 Giugno 1860 ad ore sette
Baptism: 22 Giugno 1860
Declarant: Fortunata Guarciariello, 40, levatrice, figlia del fu Filippo Guarciariello
Father: incerto
Mother: Rosa de Angelis, 30
Witness: Carmine Lombardi, contadino
Witness: Gennaro di Iorio, contadino

Giovanni Battista's pedigree is a little thin and I'm not entirely sure it's correct just yet.  Mother Rosa Angela de Angelis's birth act says her father was Saverio Ardolino, yet she was given her mother's surname as it appears the two were not married.  

The only two Saverio Ardolino prospects in town at that time were both married to other women, so I'll have to do a bit more digging.  Added to the mix is the the fact that Rosa Angela's death record lists her father as Pasquale de Angelis.   Can someone toss me a couple of aspirin?


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