16 September 2011

Naturalization Petition: Erminio Vozella (1904)

 Naturalization Index

Naturalization Petition # 95340
Filed: 13 July 1927 in Boston, MA
Name: Erminio Vozzella
Residence: 116 Howard Street, Medford, MA
Occupation: Contractor
Birth: 4 March 1904 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Declaration of Intention: #166094 filed 8 January 1925 in Boston
Wife: Saveria, born in Italy, resides Medford
Children: None
Witness: Virgilio Lombardi, real estate, Revere, MA
Witness: Joseph Todesco, chauffeur, Boston
Date of Admission: 24 October 1927
Certificate #: 2652251

 Naturalization Petition

Pedigree of Erminio Vozella


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