08 December 2011

Another Ardolino Brothers Work:

Architecture and building, Volume 46: p. 481

Residence of Mr. Henry C. Frick
b. Dec. 19, 1849, West Overton, Pa., U.S. - d. Dec. 2, 1919, New York, N.Y.
U.S. industrialist: He was instrumental in the formation of the U.S. Steel Corp.

Address: 70th St. and 5th Ave. NY
Thomas Hastings, Architect
Builders: Cauldwell Wingate Co.
Metal Doors and Trim: Interior Metal Mfg. Co.
Cement Walks and Floors: Harrison & Meyer
Carved Stone: Ardolino Brothers
C.S. Norton’s “Royal Blue” Bedford Indiana Lime Stone furnished by Arlando Marine
Laundry Equipment: The Hill-Canton Dryer Co.


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