31 December 2011

S.S. California Manifest arriving in New York 13 Jan 1898

Names of Interest:
Line 10: Luisa Frungillo, age 23, single
Line 11: Florida Frungillo, age 26, married
Line 12: Carmine Frungillo, age 1&1/4, single
Travelling from Torre Le Nocelle to Boston
Luisa was going to her brother-in-laws home in Boston, Emilio Bevilacqua
Emilio is the husband of Florinda and father of Carmine

Note 1: Frungillo, Froncillo, Frongillo are interchangeable
Note 2: There were many ships named the SS California. I believe this SS California was actually the SS State of California built in 1891. You can read more about this ship here.
Note 3: Florinda was my 2nd cousin, 3 times removed, her husband Emilio was my 4th cousin, 3 times removed. The were also 4th cousins to each other.


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