10 December 2011

Saverio Esterino Ardolino 1896-1896

 City of Boston Birth Index: Vol. 459 p. 137 Entry: 6137

City of Boston Death Index: p. 444 Entry: 9766

Birth:Name: Saverio Esterino Ardolino
Date: August 15, 1896
Sex and Condition: Male, White
Place of Birth: 26 N. Bennett Ave.Parents: Federico and Teresima
Residence of Parents: Boston
Occupation of Father: Laborer
Place of Father's Birth: Italy
Place of Mother's Birth: Italy

Death:Name: Saverino Ardolino
Date: October 27, 1896
Sex and Condition: Male, Single
Age: 2 months, 15 days
Cause: Pneumonia
Place of Death: 26 N. Bennett Ave.
Place of Birth: Boston
Father: Federico, born in Italy
Mother: Teresa DelMastro

Father was Federico Alfredo Ardolino
Born: 14 Aug 1872, Torre Le Nocelle, Italy
Birth Record #41 of 1872


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