07 January 2012

Frongillo-Caggiano Wedding 1897

1897 Boston Marriage Index: p. 61 entry 1098

Groom: Giovanni Frongillo
Bride: Maria L. Caggiano
Date of Wedding: 21 Mar 1897
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Groom Living in: Boston
Bride Living in: Boston
Age of Groom: 27
Age of Bride: 18
Groom's Occupation: Marble Polisher
Bride's Occupation: Housekeeper
Groom's Place of Birth: Italy
Bride's Place of Birth: Italy
Grooms Parents: Carmine and Saveria (Carmine Frongillo & Saveria De Minico)
Brides Parents: Vincenzo and Stella (Vencenzo Caggiano & Stella ?)
What Marriage of Each: First


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