21 April 2012

Who Do You Think They Are?

I pieced together the two parts of the above photo from the Torre le Nocelle web site. It was taken December 23, 1923 at a banquet under the auspices of the Torrese's Colony Boston Tavern honoring Dr. Giovanni De Dominicis.

I wonder who are all these men in the photo.
I know that seated immediately to the right of the rightmost pillar there is a mustachioed gentleman by the name of Amoroso Cefalo (b. TLN 1876, d. Boston 1964).
Across the table from Amoroso is a man with dark hair and a widow's peak. His name is Frank Magno (b. Taurasi 1887, d. Boston 1964). Frank is Amoroso's brother in law, being married to Amoroso's sister Silvia.
The gentleman seated to the right of Amoroso (there is a gap in the seating) looks an awfully lot like Clamanzio Ardolino (b. TLN 1883, d. Boston 1929). Clamanzio and Amoroso are first cousins through their maternal grandparents, Francesco Selvitella and Rosa Carideo.

But I wonder who else is in the photo.

Anyone have any ideas?

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You can see the original photo on the wall of the Circolo Operaio Torrese building in Torre le Nocelle and online at http://www.torrelenocelle.com/persone/boston29.htm.

Dr. De Dominicis was born in Torre le Nocelle on July 19, 1895, son of Paolo. He received his medical training at the University of Rome and practiced medicine for thirty-five years including service as the physician for the Italian consulate in Boston. His siblings were Dr. Nicola De Dominicis and Sister Maria Minsetiere, both of Italy. He died in Roslindale, Massachusetts on November 8, 1960.

Dr. De Dominicis in 1925


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