19 May 2012

1861 Torre le Nocelle Marriage Banns - Saverio Giangregorio to Anna Maria la Torella

Pedigree of Anna Maria la Torella

First: 6 Ottobre 1861
Second: 20 Ottobre 1861
Sposo: Saverio Giangregorio, 43, contadino, domiciliato in Bonito, figlio dei furono Crescenzo Giangregorio e Brigida Pepe, contadini dei Bonito
Sposa: Anna Maria la Torella, 42, figlia dei furono Gennaro la Torella, segatore e Petronilla Ardolino

Anna Maria must have been hard on husbands as Saverio was her third.  Her previous marriages were to Angelo Gambino (1815-1850) and Ciriaco Carideo (1819-1860).  

On the pedigree chart you'll also notice several names for her mother Petronilla, who at various times has also had her name recorded as Leonilla and Cleonice.


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