04 May 2012

From Torre to Montefalcione to East Boston, II


Though I was unable to locate a photocopy of a photo of Mariagrazia De Angelis (I have it somewhere), I did find information about her and Federigo Ciampa's nine children — two of whom died the same week.

I wrote about her eldest son, Domenico Ciampa, who lived to be 106.  Here is a list of all nine. (I'm not 100% sure of the order of the last four.)

1. Domenico — born Montefalcione 12 Oct. 1885, died Somerville, MA, 9 Dec. 1991. (Reported to have come to America, alone, in 1898, at age 14.  There is no record of it on EllisIsland.org.  He changed his name to Champa and had an upholstery business.  He lived in Medford and Somerville.)
2. Cristina (Married name: Pisano) — born c. 1887 (Emigrated to Boston, but I could not find her on EllisIsland.org.  In the 1930 Boston census she was listed as "Maria"; perhaps her name was Maria Cristina.)
3. Giuseppe — 1889-1980. (Never came to America)

4. Angelo — born 22 March 1892, killed in WWI, 5 June 1917 (see above)
5. Maria (My grandmother. Married name: also Ciampa!) — born 27 Dec. 1893, died in E. Boston, 22 Jan. 1981) (Arrived at Ellis Island on 14 July 1920 aboard the Presidente Wilson.)
6. Antonio — born 12 Dec. 1899, died in Boston, Feb. 1987.  He lived on Endicott St. in Boston's "North End."  I met him; my father was very fond of him.  
7. Carolina — born c. 1901, died at age 16 from a bolt of lightning, 9 June 1917
8. Nunzia (Married name: Lembo) (Never came to America)
9. Virginia (Married name: Gensale) (Never came to America)

I don't believe that Mariagrazia knew until after the fact that Angelo and Carolina died the same week.  Obviously she knew when Carolina was struck by lightning.  But the news of her son's death on the battlefield probably didn't reach her until later.  Family legend has it that she never got over losing two children during the same week.  She died only two years later.

Leonardo Ciampa


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