19 July 2012

1912 Winchester, MA Birth Index - Tafuri, Penna, Vozella, Cefalo and La Torella

1912 Winchester MA Birth Index Volume: 607 Page: 887

Entry: 4
Name: Vozzella, Michael Angelo
Birth: 3 January 1912 in Winchester
Father: Ciriaco Vozzella, gelatin worker, born Italy
Mother: Pasqualina Todesca, born Italy

Entry: 6
Name: Cefalo, Mildred
Birth: 6 January 1912 in Winchester
Father: Vincenzo Cefalo, laborer, born Italy
Mother: Dorodea Cefalo, born Italy

Entry: 19
Name: La Torella, Frederick
Birth: 15 February 1912 in Winchester
Father: Albert La Torella, marble polisher, born Italy
Mother: Philomena Frongillo, born Boston

Entry: 36
Name: Mary Tafuri
Birth: 26 March 1912 in Winchester
Father: Carmine Tafuri, laborer, born Italy
Mother: Mary De Roma, born Italy

Entry: 37
Name: Achille Penna
Birth: 27 March 1912 in Winchester
Father: Sebastiano Penna, currier, born Italy
Mother: Pasqualina Penna, born Italy
Notation: Corrected 24 July 1962


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