15 July 2012

Online Historical Archives - Bank of Naples / Banco di Napoli

From the Boston Daily Globe, 23 July 1905, page 40
"Fraudulent banking concerns have caused great losses to Italian immigrants both in this and other countries in the past.  These were usually run by Italians.  To prevent all this an act was passed in Italy in 1901 authorizing the Bank of Naples to take charge of remittances from emigrants, thus guaranteeing them safety  and regularity in the transmission of their money.

This bank has since established correspondence offices for the management of emigrant business, there being 86 of these offices at the close of 1903.  A recent bill in the Italian parliament providing for the appointment of  resident agents in foreign countries to manage the remittances of Italians failed to pass.

This immense amount of money flowing into Italy annually from its emigrants has already had a marked influence in improving conditions of living, especially in Southern Italy."

From the Boston Daily Globe, 9 January 1903, page 26
"It was stated that the Bank of Naples established this week a bank of deposit at the North End especially for the benefit of Italian Immigrants."

The historical archives of the Banco di Napoli now has an online database of immigrants who used their services to send money home to Italy.  It's organized by geographical location.  Here's the direct link to Boston.


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