19 August 2012

1862 Torre le Nocelle Birth - Carmine Capobianco

Pedigree of Carmine Capobianco

#8 Filed 15 Marzo 1862
Name: Carmine Capobianco
Birth: 14 Marzo 1862 alle ore ventitre
Baptism: 15 Marzo 1862
Father: Raffaele Capobianco, 40, contadino, figlio di Ciriaco (error - Antonio*) Capobianco
Mother: Elisabetta Garofano, 38
Witness: Luigi Iarrobino, contadino
Witness: Giuseppe Iarrobino, contadino

*The birth and death records of all of Carmine's siblings state the paternal grandfather to be Antonio Capobianco... it is only in this one act that he is said to be Ciriaco.  This branch of the Capobianco family was originally from Montemiletto.


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