27 August 2012

1862 Torre le Nocelle Birth - Domenico Lombardi

Pedigree of Domenico Lombardi

#16 Filed 30 Marzo 1862
Name: Domenico Lombardi
Birth: 29 Marzo 1862 alle ore ventitre
Baptism: 30 Marzo 1862
Declarant: Fortunata Guarciariello, 43, levatrice, figlia del fu Filippo Guarciariello
Father: Carmine Lombardi, 26, calzolaio
Mother: Antonia Luongo, 21
Witness: Giovanni Antonio Strollo, sartore
Witness: Giovanni Bianchino, contadino

Parents Carmine and Antonia almost cut this one a little too close - they were married exactly a week before Domenico's birth.  Antonia Luongo's father Domenico was one of the 1861 typhoid deaths that occurred in the prison in Montefusco.

**Update from Steve R. on Carmine's place of burial.
Carmine Lombardi died in Wakefield, MA and is buried in St Patrick Cemetery in Stoneham, MA. His wife may or may not be buried with him as her name is not on the stone. 
Here's the link to the memorial on Find-A-Grave.  Thanks, Steve!


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