06 September 2012

1862 Torre le Nocelle Birth - Maria Grazia de Angelis

Pedigree of Maria Grazia de Angelis

#23 Filed 6 Luglio 1862
Name: Maria Grazia de Angelis
Birth: 5 Luglio 1862 alle ore diciassette
Baptism: 6 Luglio 1862
Father: Domenico de Angelis, 40, contadino, figlio del fu Angelo de Angelis
Mother: Carolina Musto, 36
Witness: Francesco Iarrobino, contadino
Witness: Angelo Russo, contadino

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  1. Hey, that's my great-grandmother! She married Federigo Ciampa in Nov. 1884 in Montefalcione (a few miles from Torre). Mariagrazia died in Montefalcione on 13 September 1919, predeceased by two children who died the same week. I have written about Mariagrazia elsewhere in this blog. There is even a photo of her.


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