01 September 2012

Petition For Naturalization: Carmine de Minico (1893)

Naturalization Petition

Petition For Naturalization #: 93(93)3
Filed: 13 June 1927 in Boston, MA
Name: Carmine De Minico
Residence: Burrage, MA, Box 3
Occupation: Laborer
Birth: 17 March 1893 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Emigration: SS Pesaro - Napoli to New York - 5 April 1921
Declaration of Intention: #150229 Filed 21 January 1924 in Boston, MA
Marital: Wife Alfonsina* was born and resides in Italy
Date of Admission: 26 September 1927
Certificate #: 2637502

*Alfonsina de Carro born 22 November 1891 in Torre to Carmine and Maria Grazia di Stefano.

Oath of Allegiance


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