12 November 2012

What Architects Think of Ardolino Brothers

Washington Herald, 6 October 1919, page 9

I'm not sure if this was an actual article or just an advertisement, but I found the list of works attributed to the Ardolino Brothers very informative.

What Architects Think of Ardolino Brothers

Washington Herald
Washington In 1915 Edition
28 August 1915, Washington, D.C.

When the new Q street viaduct is opened for traffic between Georgetown and the city in the fall Washington will have another beautiful and artistic structure over Rock Creek, forming an important link between two populous sections of the District, and conveniencing thousands of people.  The concrete construction work of the viaduct was done by Guidone and Company, of New York.  On each side of the ravine, at either end of the viaduct, two massive bronze buffaloes are majestically posed, the four pieces of statuary costing $28,000.

Artistic distinction is given the viaduct in the beautiful sculptural work of Ardolino Brothers, the celebrated  architectural sculptors of New York City.  The skill and genius of these sculptors have served to beautify and adorn scores of buildings in the large cities of this country, including notable public buildings as well as costly private residences.  It is fortunate that the Commissioners of the District of Columbia secured the services of these famous sculptors for putting the artistic finishing touches to this splendid viaduct.  That the Commissioners exhibited fine judgment in this particular is attested by the following testimonial letters from prominent firms and individuals in many cities, who courteously replied to an inquiry sent them by the Herald in respect to the ability of Ardolino Brothers, the inquiry being made merely with the view of printing a feature of interest.  Replies to the inquiry follow:

Some of the recent contracts made by Ardolino Bros. for sculptural work with conspicuous firms and individuals are the following: Portland City Hall, Portland, ME; Bank of Toronto, Toronto, Canada; New York Post Office, New York City; Whitney National Bank, New Orleans; Interior Bank of Montreal, Winnipeg, Canada; Henry C. Frick residence, New York City; Field Museum, Chicago; Continental and Commercial Bank, Chicago; First National Bank, Milwaukee; State Library, Hartford, Conn.; Interior Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto, Canada; the Philips residence, New York City; the Notre Dame Church, New York City; Temple of Scottish Rite, Washington, D.C.; the Q Street Bridge, Washington; the Maine Mast Monument, Washington; New Technical Building, Cambridge, MA; Arlington Memorial Amphitheater, Arlington, W. VA.; additions to Boston State House, Boston; Registry Office Building, Toronto, Canada, and Staten Island Court Building, Staten Island, N.Y., which forms a notable list most creditable to the Ardolinos.

McKim, Mead & White, architects
101 Park avenue, New York.
Ardolino Brothers have done the carving on some of our important buildings.  We consider them entirely competent and would accept them as subcontractors on any of our work.

Graham, Burnham & Co., architects
1417 Railway Exchange, Chicago.
Ardolino Brothers of New York are well known to us.  They have done satisfactory work on important undertakings, and we are glad to recommend them as architectural sculptors.

Cross & Cross, architects
10 East Forty-seventh street, New York City
Ardolino Brothers have completed some very important monumental stone carving and modeling for us on the Notre Dame Church at 114th street and Morningside drive.  All their work has been eminently satisfactory, and we are pleased to commend them for your consideration.

Nathan C. Wyeth, architect
1517 H street, Washington, D.C.
Ardolino Brothers, architectural sculptors of New York, were satisfactory in so far as their work for this office was concerned.

Carrere & Hastings and Eustace G. Bird, architects
Toronto, Canada
We have employed Ardolino Brothers for three or four years and have found them most satisfactory in every way both as to modeling and sculpture work.  Their contract for the work on the Bank of Toronto in this city amounted to between thirty and forty thousand dollars and on account of th excellence of their work we awarded them the contract for the modeling and carving of the marble work in connection with the Royal Bank here, which work has now been satisfactorily completed.  We have no hesitation in stating that the work executed by this firm for us had not been exceeded by any that we have done from time to time.

Carrere & Hastings, architects
225 Fifth avenue, New York
Ardolino Brothers, architectural sculptors, have done a great deal of work for us, including some of our most important commissions.  Their first work was at the Portland City Hall, Portland, Me.  They also did the carving of the building erected as head office of the Bank of Toronto, Canada.  One of the last contracts in which they executed the carving was the residence built by Mr. Henry C. Frick, on Fifth avenue, this city.  All of their work has been satisfactorily executed and we are very glad to commend them to you.

Donn Barber, architect
101 Park avenue, New York
My experience with Ardolino Brothers, architectural sculptors, has been entirely satisfactory.  They cut some big marble figures for me for the State Library at Hartford, Conn.  These figures were very large in size and very complicated to cut, with a considerable amount of free standing and deeply under-cut stone.  They used much skill and the work when finished in place gave entire satisfaction not only to the sculptors, but to the Library Commission and myself, and everybody else.  In other words I should say that they understand their business thoroughly, and I would be willing to entrust them with any carving I might have.

John Russell Pope, architect
527 Fifth avenue, New York
With reference to Ardolino Brothers, it will probably be unnecessary to go further than to refer you to the exterior stone carving on the Scottish Rite Cathedral, which with the exception of the sphinxes, was done by them to show the very high-class work they do.  With their ability to do good work they show a very willing spirit and anxiety to do the most artistic work possible.

William Welles Bosworth, architect
527 Fifth avenue, New York
As far as the work Ardolino Brothers are doing on the Technology Buildings in Boston has proceeded, their work has been entirely satisfactory.

Glenn Brown & Bedford Brown, architects
806 Seventeenth street, Washington, D.C.
The Ardolino Brothers caring on the Q-street bridge is being done in a satisfactory manner.

Statehouse Architects, Boston, Mass.
Ardolino Brothers, architectural sculptors, did the carving in connection with the columns and pilasters on the additions to the Massachusetts Statehouse.  They showed a commendable spirit, did their work promptly and well and it was entirely satisfactory.

John Calvin Stevens, F.A.I.A. and John Howard Stevens, architects
Oxford Building, Portland, Me.
Ardolino Brothers work upon the Portland City Hall was exceedingly satisfactory in every way, and we found them excellent people to deal with.  They have done some work for us since which has been entirely satisfactory, and I am very sure that any work you put into their hands will be done with expedition and to your entire satisfaction.

It may be added that among all the replies received by The Herald in response to the inquiry not one was unfavorable to the character of the artistic work executed by Ardolino Brothers or to their skill and efficiency.  Those quoted, however, are sufficient to establish this firm of architectural sculptors as absolutely second to none in any way whatever.


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