05 July 2013

1864 Torre le Nocelle Death - Carmine di Iorio

Pedigree of Carmina di Iorio

#21 Filed 10 Settembre 1864
Name: Carmina di Iorio, 20, contadina, figlia del fu Carmine di Iorio e Grazia Colella
Death: 9 Settembre 1864 alle ore diciotto
Declarant: Domenico Napolitano, 50, contadino
Declarant: Giovanni de Angelis, 48, contadino

Carmina's birth would have been about 1844, but there is no civil record of it in Torre.  She had an older sibling named Carmela who was born in September 1840 and I think the two "siblings" were actually one in the same child.


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