08 August 2013

1865 Torre le Nocelle Birth - Maria Luigia de Angelis

Ancestors of Maria Luigia de Angelis

#26 Filed 30 Maggio 1865
Name: Maria Luigia de Angelis
Birth: 29 Maggio 1865 alle ore ventiquattro
Baptism: 30 Maggio 1865
Father: Filippo de Angelis, 26, contadino, figlio del fu Luigi de Angelis
Mother: Giuditta di Iorio, 28
Witness: Ciriaco Ardolino, contadino
Witness: Giovanni Antonio Strollo, sartore

You'll notice on the pedigree chart that Giuditta di Iorio (Maria Luigia's mother) appears to be without a paternal line.  I suspect Giuditta's father was Felice di Dominicis, born 1801 to Lucido di Dominicis/ de Minico and Maria Vincenza Tierrimonte, but have been unable to prove it yet.  

Here's why ...

In the 1825 birth acts (#14) there is a record for a Giuditta di Dominicis born to Felice and Nicoletta di Iorio, "an unmarried couple."  This Giuditta dies in 1827.  A second child (Giulietta, later known as Giuditta and mother of Maria Luigia de Angelis) is born to Nicoletta di Iorio in 1830.  No mention is made of a father on the birth act of this second daughter, but I'm guessing it was Felice.

Ancestors of Felice di Dominicis


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