12 September 2013

1865 Torre le Nocelle Death - Giuseppe di Iorio

Ancestors of Giuseppe di Iorio

#1 Filed 2 Gennaio 1865
Name: Giuseppe di Iorio, 80, contadino, figlio dei furono Nicola di Iorio ed Alessandra Petriello, contadini
Death: 1 Gennaio 1865 alle ore ventiquattro
Declarant: Marco Russo, 66, contadino
Declarant: Ciriaco de Cristofaro, 56, contadino
Sindaco: Diego de Angelis

As you can see from the pedigree chart Giuseppe's mother went by a variety of first names.  She was born as Stella, died as Antella and at various times in between (or after death) was also known as Antonia, Diamanta and Alessandra.  

Ordinarily I'd think this odd, but our little town also had a Santella de Minico (born circa 1667) who gave me fits for a while. She alternately appeared as Isabella, Alessandra, Alessandra Isabella, Antonia, Anna, Antella and Angela.  

So it would seem any version of Stella / Santella is subject to a variety of nicknames... at least in our Torre.


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