09 September 2013

The Children of Florindo Capone and Giuseppa Penna

 Giuseppa Penna-Capone born 1871 in Torre with son Louis Capone born 1911 in Winchester MA

I love photos!  Mike Capone recently sent me some of his family photos to share on the blog.  His grandfather is Louis Capone in the photo above.  Thanks Mike! 

Let's start with some pedigree charts first.  Below are ancestors for Giuseppa Penna and her husband Florindo Capone.

Ancestors of Giuseppa Penna

Ancestors of Florindo Capone

And a family group sheet that shows both the parents and children of the couple ...

Now the good stuff.  Did I mention I LOVE photos?!

Here's Louis clowning around at his Winchester home in 1929.  Nice bike skills - reminds me of our vaudeville trick cyclist Ralph Todesca.  Incidentally I ran a relationship report and it looks like Louis and Ralph are 4th cousins.

On the left is Rose Marie Capone, daughter of Arturo Capone and niece of Louis.  Louis is in the center and his daughter Anna on the right.

Louis Capone with his friend Johnny.

I saved the best for last.  Isn't this one great??  Standing left to right are Louis Capone, Rose Capone, and Arturo "Arthur" Capone.  Sitting on the pony are Fiorentina "Florence" Capone and Anibale "Daniel" Capone.


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