20 October 2013

1865 Torre le Nocelle Death - Carmina Cefalo

Ancestors of Carmina Cefalo

I think Carmina was probably one tough old lady.  In a space of one week (the 3rd week of October 1823) she lost three of her children, and a fourth a couple of months later in December of the same year.  To suffer losses such as those and continue to live for another 40+ years ...  I think it says much about the strength of her will.

#37 Filed 28 Novembre 1865
Name: Carmina Cefalo, 83, contadina, figlia dei furono Matteo Cefalo e Giovanna Bevilacqua, contadini
Death: 27 Novembre 1865 alle ore cinque
Declarant: Carmine de Marco, 60, contadino
Declarant: Ciriaco de Santis, 60, contadino


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