12 February 2014

Boston Herald: "Cefalo Gives Himself Up"

Boston Herald, 8 October 1900, page 5

Cefalo Gives Himself Up

He is One of Four Men Charged with Conspiracy to Defraud, and Will Be Tried.
"Florendo Cefalo, and Italian, 27 years old, of Jenks street, Roslindale, gave himself up to the police yesterday.  It is charged that last April he, with three other Italians who were arrested last week, conspired to defraud Serafina Strazziero out of $580.  Cefalo was promptly bailed out, and the case will be heard in court this morning.

The other prisoners in this case are Ciriaco La Forella, 27 years old: Angello Janini, 34 years old of 8 West street, Roslindale, and Giovanni De Angello of 61 Pleasant street, Winthrop."
And the scoop from Jan Domenico ...

"Serafina was a money lender, and she would make loans to people, all the while demanding a nice interest rate--like a loan shark! $580 was a big sum of money in 1900, and you can bet that no one was going to cheat her out of one penny!"

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Florindo Cefalo

Family of Florindo Cefalo

Family of Ciriaco la Torella

Serafina "The Loan Shark" Strozziero with husband Giovannino de Minico 
Thanks for the photo, Jan.

Family of Serafina Strozziero


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