05 May 2014

Ship Manifest: SS Cretic - 31 July 1909

List 38-1

SS Cretic - Napoli to Boston
31 July 1909

List: 38
Line: 25
Name: Petrillo, Alessandro
Age: 46
Marital: Married
Last Residence: Montemiletto
Relative: Wife Filomena in Montemiletto
Destination: Brother Achille at 115 Salem Street, Boston, MA
Previous Travel: 1902-1908 In Boston, MA
Birthplace: Montemiletto
Note: "Held by Dr."

List: 38
Line: 30
Name: Leone, Vincenzo
Age: 40
Marital: Married
Last Residence: Torre le Nocelle
Relative: Wife Teresa in Torre le Nocelle
Destination: Brother-in-law Grazio Bevilacqua at 16 Margaret Street, Boston, MA
Previous Travel: 1907-1908 in Boston, MA
Birthplace: Torre le Nocelle

List 38-2


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