10 July 2014

Ernesto Luongo: Declaration of Intention 1914

Declaration of Intention: 1914

Name: Ernesto Luongo
Date of Birth: 29 August 1892
Event Date: 16 Nov 1914
Age: 22
Immigration Year: 1910
Emigrated from: Naples, Italy
Ship: Canopic
Home Country: Italy
Occupation: Waiter
Height: 5' 8"
Hair: Brown  Eyes: Brown
Distinctive marks: scar on nose
Court: U.S. District Court
Declaration No. 36901

The sheet that is folded over on this document is his Certificate of Arrival  for Naturalization Purposes.

Certificate of Arrival: 1910

Name of alen: Ernesto Luongo
Port of Entry: Boston, Mass.
Date of Arrival: March 17, 1910
Name of vessel: Canopic
Line: White Star


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