05 August 2014

Follow-Up to the Alberto Tedesco & Giuseppina Capobianco Story

This is a follow-up to a July 27, 2014 Post. View that article HERE.
The Washington Herald: 20 Dec 1913, p.3

Man and Girl Who Came from Boston Must Answers Charges.

   A detective from Boston today will take back to that city Alberto Tedesco, a stone cutter, twenty-two tears old, arrested here Thursday night by Detectives Berman and Cornwell, at the request of Chief Inspector McGarr, of the Boston Police.
   In a letter to Maj. Richard Sylvester Inspector McGarr stated the girl was wanted there on a charge of stealing $135 from her father. Tedesco is charged with bringing the young woman to Washington for unlawful purposes. The couple were located at 110 C street north-west.

Boston Herald: 22 Dec 1913, p.8

Brought Back, They Say They Would Marry if Capobianco Would Give $1000.

   Inspector Kilday of police headquarters returned from Washington last night with Alberto Tedesco and Giusepnina Capobianco, who were arrested there as fugitives from Justice.
   The girl is 19 years of age and the daughter of Dominico Capobianco, a wealthy fruit merchant of 5 Clarendon avenue, West Roxbury. Tedesco is 22 years old, a stone cutter, and lives at 116 Dudley avenue, Roslindale. The latter is charged with enticing the girl from her home, while she is wanted for the larceny of $135 from her father. They are under indictment.
   Tedesco and the girl say they love each other, and the young man says that the only thing which prevents their marriage is that Capobianco will not provide the usual dowry of $1000. Tedesco says it is the custom in his native place in Italy for the parents to bestow a dowry of this amount upon a newly married couple.

Note: The couple did marry on 31 Dec 1913, however, to date we don't know what happened to the legal charges that they both faced.


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