01 August 2014

Registro Di Leva: Carmine Francesco Nuzzolo Born 1872 in Montemiletto

In 1865, one of the first acts of the newly formed Italian state was the imposition of the draft - conscription of all able males at the age of eighteen.  Every Italian male, at the age of eighteen, was required to report to the draft board to undergo a physical examination to determine his eligibility.  These conscription records, called the Registro Di Leva, list all males, by year of birth, for each military district.  Transcripts of some of these records can be found online at the Portale della Storia degli Italiani site.

Ufficio Leva, Enlistment Year: 1872; Volume: 2; Document: 124; Page: 248; Section: A
Name: Carmine Francesco Nuzzolo
Occupation: Sarto
Enlistment Date: 3 June 1892
Born: 2 October 1872 in Montemiletto
Father: Giuseppe Nuzzolo
Mother: Maria Carbone
Note: 3^ categoria quale primogenito di padre che non ha altro figlio maggiore di 12 anni
(eldest son to a father who has no other son older than age 12)


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