06 January 2015

1928 Pittston, PA Death of Carmine Luongo

Carmine Luongo was born in Torre le Nocelle on 19 September 1873 to Generoso Luongo (from Torre) and Lucia Nardone (from Pietradefusi).  He married Matilda Ardolino and settled in Pittston, PA.  More on their family in this post.  You'll notice a discrepancy on the death record in that his wife is listed as Mrs. Rosa Luongo.  The couple's oldest daughter was Rose, who also happened to be the informant, so I'm guessing that's the cause of the mix-up.  

Pittston PA Death Record Registered No: 12; File: 8741
Name: Carmen Longo
Residence: 203 Broad Street, Pittston, Luzerne, PA
Occupation: Laborer
Age: 54
Marital: Married
Wife: Mrs. Rose Longo
Birth: 1873 in Italy
Father: Jos Longo
Mother: Lucy Longo
Informant: Mrs. Rose Longo, Pittston, PA
Cause of Death: Hemiplegia, 7 days
Physician: John A. Molinelli, Pittston, PA
Burial: St. John's
Burial Date: 12 January 1928
Undertaker: Chas F. Donnelly, Pittston, PA

Ancestors of Carmine Luongo


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