15 April 2015

Vozzella-Bertino Wedding

Recently our Florindo posted this photo on Facebook that he found in an abandoned house, or as he put it "Ieri l'ho recuperata da una casa abbandonata".

L-R: Natalie, Betty Vozzella, Rose Vozzella, Angelo Vozzella, Fermina/Serafina Vozzella, Salvatore Bertino, Bill Phips(?), John Barrett, and Natale Bertino. Pudgy is the ring bearer.

The wedding took place in the Boston area around 1955.

Betty and Rose are the children of Teodoro "Teddy" Vozzella and Aemelia DeAngelis. Teddy was born in Torre le Nocelle on the 16th or 19th of September 1897 to Ciriaco Vozzella and Anastasia LaRagione.

Serafina and Angelo are Teddy's siblings. On January 5, 1939 they both arrived in New York from Torre le Nocelle en-route to their brother Teddy in Roslindale, Massachusetts.

See lines 28 and 29


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