06 June 2015

1867 Torre le Nocelle Death of Angela di Iorio

Ancestors of Angela di Iorio

#28 Filed 19 Ottobre 1867
Name: Angela di Iorio, 51, contadina, nata e domiciliata in Torre le Nocelle, figlia dei furono Ciriaco di Iorio ed Agata de Cristofaro, contadini dei Torre le Nocelle
Death: 18 Ottobre 1867 alle ore diciassette, nella casa posta in strada La Cappella
Declarant: Antonio la Torella, 48, mannese, figlio del fu Gennaro la Torella
Declarant: Francesco Magno, 36, calzolaio, figlio del fu Luca Magno

Now this death is interesting, but a little tricky so bear with me.  Angela was married to Ciriaco de Cristofaro on 30 December 1843.  On the family group sheet posted below you'll notice that there were no children born to this marriage.

Marriage of Ciriaco de Cristofaro and Angela di Iorio

Here comes the interesting part.  On 12 December 1867 widower Ciriaco de Cristofaro marries Angela Magno from Pietradefusi. Okay, it was a little soon, but maybe he was lonely ... right?  Or not ... because a week and a day later Angela Magno gives birth to their daughter Maria Carmina de Cristofaro. 

Family of Ciriaco de Cristofaro and 2nd wife Angela Magno

If you'll look closely you'll notice one more child - Michele Magno de Cristofaro.  Michele Magno was born 28 Feb 1859 to Angela Magno and an unknown father.  Ciriaco de Cristofaro legally adopts Michele on 22 August 1877, and Michele marries three years later using the surname de Cristofaro.  

I'm not certain, but if I had to guess I'd say that Michele Magno-de Cristofaro was probably the biological son of Ciriaco de Cristofaro.  It would appear that Ciriaco and Angela Magno had a long-time relationship that continued even during the time he was married to Angela di Iorio.

Of course this begs the question .... did Angela di Iorio die of natural causes?  Or ... dum, dum, de dum .... did someone help her along??

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