16 July 2015

1916 Boston, MA Marriage of Nicola Bevilacqua to Maria G Musto

1916 Boston MA Marriage Records Page: 182; Record Number: 2358
Date of Marriage: 7 May 1916

Groom: Nicola Bevilacqua
Age: 21; Born Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Carriage Driver
Residence: 71 Walworth Street
Father: Pasquale Bevilacqua
Mother: Filomena "Cafalo"

Bride: Maria G Musto
Age: 22; Born Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: At Home
Residence: 28 Tafts Place
Father: Carmine Musto
Mother: Rosaria Barletta

Officiant: Francesco Liberti, priest, 12 North Square, Boston (Sacred Heart Church)

Ancestors of Nicola Bevilacqua

Ancestors of Maria Musto

Sacred Heart Church, 12 North Square, Boston, MA


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