18 July 2015

1918 Boston, MA Death of Ciriaco Bevilcqua

1918 Boston MA Death Index Page: 393; Registered Number: 5099
Name: Ciriaco Bevilacqua
Birth: 15 August 1908
Age: 9 years, 7 months, 20 days
Death: 4 May 1918
Place of Death: Ambulance or Prince Street
Cause of Death: Compound comminuted fracture of the skull (crush), caused by a motor vehicle accident
Residence: 149 Salem Street
Father: Emilio Bevilacqua, born in Italy
Mother: "Fiorinda" Frongillo, born in Italy
Burial: 8 Mary 1918 at St. Michael's Cemetery
Undertaker: R.D. Guarente

Ancestors of Ciriaco Bevilacqua


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