21 August 2015

1817 Pietradefusi Marriage: Antonio Pascucci to Maria Carmela Tecce

Maria Carmela Tecce was the daughter of Matteo Tecce, a defense lawyer from Torre le Nocelle.  It's interesting to note her signature on the second page.  Her signature wasn't as fluid as the men, but she was obviously comfortable with a pen in her hand.

#21 Filed 11 Dicembre 1817 in Pietradefusi

Sposo: Don Antonio Pascucci, 42, medico, domiciliato in Pietradefusi, strada Dentecane
Father: Venanzio Pascucci, 79, benestante, domiciliato in Pietradefusi, strada Dentecane
Mother: Serafina Nardone, morta 11 Maggio 1804 in Pietradefusi

Sposa: Donna Maria Tecce, 22, proprietaria, nata in Torre le Nocelle, domiciliata in Pietradefusi, strada Santa Maria
Father: Don Matteo Tecce, possidente, domiciliato in Pietradefusi, strada Santa Maria
Mother: Donna Giovanna Soricelli, domiciliata col marito

Banns filed 16 Novembre and 23 Novembre 1817 in Pietradefusi and Torre le Nocelle

Witness: Nicola Donadio, 44, gentiluomo
Witness: Carlo Frisella, 32, chirurgo
Witness: Pietropaolo Zampetti, 42, proprietario
Witness: Martiniano la Verde, 44, proprietario


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