10 September 2015

My 2nd Great Grandmother Rosa Cirignano

Today is the 10th anniversary of the death of my father, but it wasn’t until after the death of my mother about 5 years later, that I decided to jump into the black hole of genealogy. Just about every day I wish I could rewind the clock and share my findings with them and learn the stories about some of the people I discovered. 

If you are a regular reader of this blog you’ll notice from time to time people other than Carm write posts. You may have seen my name listed as contributing some records I’ve found from Pietradefusi recently. But what is my connection to Torre? 

My father wasn’t born in Torre, nor were his parents; they were born in Grottaminarda, a larger community a short 11-14 miles away depending on whether you take the country roads or the autostrada. My father’s grandparents weren’t born in Torre either. One set was born in Grottaminarda and the other in another nearby Avellino town, Mirabella Eclano. My father’s great grandmother, my 2nd GG, Rosa Cirignano is my ancestral connection to Torre le Nocelle. It turns out that the Cirignano family has very deep roots in Torre le Nocelle. It also turns out that I’m related to the owner of this blog, Carm and Florindo Cirignano. Although Rosa and Florindo share the same surname our relationship goes through a few other surnames before we connect. I’m also related to a few other folks that contribute to this blog. 

I don’t have an actual birth record for Rosa as she was born to Ciriaco Cirignano and Angelica Giordino prior to the time of civil registration. She was born about 1804-1806 based on her marriage and death records. Her brother Francesco lived his short life (22 Mar 1809-25 Aug 1810)[i] in Torre and was likely living in a single parent household when he died as his mother passed on Christmas 1809[ii]. Rosa’s father married the second time to Carissima de Luca almost a year later (20 Dec 1810) in Pietradefusi[iii]. I never discovered any half siblings of Rosa’s from this marriage. Rosa was without a mother/step mother again as the next time I find the paper trail it is in Grottaminarda. I haven’t found a death record for Carissima but in 1819 and 1822, Ciriaco records the birth of his children Maria and Fortunato of his legitimate wife Nicoletta Leggiere/Lezziere[iv]

The paper trail moves back to Torre where two marriage banns were posted for Ciriaco and Nicoletta Leggiere/Lezziere on 13 Apr 1823 and 5 May 1823[v]. If you are following me you are correct that these dates are after the birth of the previously mentioned children. I haven’t found a marriage record for Ciriaco and Nicoletta. The mystery continues as I don’t have a death record for either of them. 

Although Rosa seems to have moved around Avellino as a child she appears to have lived her adult life in Grottaminarda. Marriage banns posted there on 30 Aug 1829 and 14 Sep 1829[vi] don’t list her residence but the marriage record of 22 Sep 1829[vii] to my 2nd Great Grandfather Gregorio Cataruozzolo shows she resided at strada fratta in Grottaminarda. Rosa and Gregorio had five children born in Grottaminarda: 

Antonio (13 May 1830 – 8 Feb 1848)[viii]
Giuseppe (21 Apr 1833 – Aft 14 Jan 1898)[ix]
Filomena (1 Nov 1837 – 26 Aug 1895)[x]
Pellegrina (17 Jun 1840 – 1 Mar 1903) (my great grandmother)[xi]
Ciriaco (1 Sep 1843 – 28 Oct 1844)[xii]

Gregorio died at 46 on 21 Nov 1845[xiii]. Rosa married for the second time to Cosmo Minichiello (of Bonito, yet another Avellino town) on 26 Sep 1846. Two sets of banns were posted on 23 Aug and 7 Sep of that year[xiv]. She had a son Giovanni born 19 Dec of that year so was likely showing she was in the family way during that 2nd wedding ceremony[xv]. Cosmo died less than four years after their marriage on 29 Mar 1850 and Rosa was alone again, but not for long[xvi]

After another two sets of marriage banns posted on 16 Jan and 31 Jan 1853, Rosa married for the third time to Romoaldo Costantino (from Sturno, yes another town in Avellino) on 7 Feb 1853[xvii]. She was almost 50 by then and Romoaldo about two years younger. I haven’t found any children born of this marriage. Just shy of ten years later Romoaldo died on 8 Jan 1863[xviii]

On 8 Oct 1870 Giuseppe Cataruozzolo, of the deceased Gregorio, age 30, reported the death of his mother Rosa Cirignano who died the previous day. Romoaldo was listed as Diagardo, Rosa’s third husband. Giuseppe knew his grandfather was Ciriaco but his grandmother was listed as unknown[xix].
Compared with many of my other ancestors that lived, married and died in the same town Rosa seems to have done a bit more traveling. She was born in Torre le Nocelle, possibly traveled to Pietradefusi with her father, moved to Grottaminarda and maybe even visited her half-brother Fortunato in Mirabella Eclano. She married men born in Grottaminarda, Bonito and Sturno. Fortunato lived a long live as well and died 28 Dec 1904 in Mirabella[xx]

So there you have it. Rosa led me to Torre and from there I found this blog and cousins, and more cousins and yet more cousins. What could be better than that?

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Gregorio Cataruozzolo - Rosa Cirignano Marriage 1518220 1829 No 21_1

Gregorio Cataruozzolo - Rosa Cirignano Marriage 1518220 1829 No 21_2
Rosa Cirignano Death 1870 No 77


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