07 October 2015

1868 Torre le Nocelle Death of Anna di Nuzzolo

Ancestors of Anna di Nuzzolo

#9 Filed 23 Gennaio 1868
Name: Anna di Nuzzolo, 57, contadina, figlia dei furono Luca di Nuzzolo ed Angela Giardiello, contadini
Death: 22 Gennaio 1868 alle ore venti, nella casa posta in strada Faiano
Witness: Vincenzo Cefalo del fu Angelo, 66, contadino
Witness: Ciriaco Pizzano del fu Carmine, 52, contadino
I'm also going to add the next death, not because there's any relation to Anna, but because a portion of Domenico's death act is missing.  I don't know who he belongs to and there's not enough info for his own post.

#10 Filed 25 Gennaio 1868
Name: Domenico de Angelis
(The bottom portion of the record containing the vital info was either missing from the film or not photographed)
Witness: Angelo Bianchino del fu Biage, 60, contadino
Witness: Sabato Bianchino del fu Ciriaco, 49, contadino


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