11 December 2016

You Never Know What You'll Find On eBay!

I stumbled upon the funeral book of Pietro Paolo Bevilacqua while browsing eBay Italia the other day.  

Pietro Paolo Bevilacqua was born 7 March 1903 in Torre le Nocelle to Agostino Bevilacqua and Emilia Ardolino.  It appears he was the first of at least five children born to the couple.  His younger siblings were Ettore (born 1904, later became a priest), Arnaldo (1907), Gilda (1908), and Ezio (1912).

Pietro Paolo died on 10 July 1939 of an unspecified disease in Piacenza, Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.  Here's a link to the official site of the comune of Piacenza and Wikipedia's page.  

According to the funeral book he was the "f.f. Consigliere Della Regia Prefettura" of Piacenza,  and the founder of the Torrese Fascists.  The remaining pages of the funeral book are posted beneath the family photos.  Florindo says they were taken in Piacenza, not Torre.

Ancestors of Pietro Paolo Bevilacqua

Agostino Bevilacqua and Emilia Ardolino (parents of Pietro Paolo) circa 1960.  Photo from Florindo's site

A younger Agostino...

... and a much younger Emilia.

Pietro Paolo's brother, Ettore.

The Unbreakable Rosary


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