12 July 2017

Meeting Our Living Family

Much has been done and written about finding our ancestors, but there are times when the payoff is about making golden connections with our living family members. On June 25, 2017, in Milford, MA, several of us had that moment when our relationship extended beyond FaceBook and email. It didn't matter that we may have been cousins several times removed--what mattered was that strong sense of family that transcends time and distance. Some of us came from great distances which made this gathering that much sweeter. This was not a reunion in the traditional sense because most of us had not met before, but rather a gathering of family members who were meeting for the first time. This was a great moment for the Domenicos.

Open arms were extended and big hugs were freely passed around by all as people arrived. Extra family members were invited to share in the fun, and new friendships were born. It was a beautiful day for sharing great food and company, as well as family stories and resources. In one instance, two cousins may have found a double connection!

This family grouping represents three generations of Domenicos and associated cousins--our forebears would be so excited to know that their hard work and sacrifice resulted in educational opportunities and economic success that they couldn't even have imagined.

This picture is lovingly referred to as the "Three Amigos!" From left to right is Robert Domenico, Johnny Domenico, and Richard Domenico. Robert and Richard are brothers, and Johnny is their cousin. They are direct descendants of Giovanni and Serafina Struzziero Domenico (Di Minico).

While it is important to honor our ancestors and give life to them, it also matters that we embrace the living. It is the living who will reap the benefits of the research that dedicated individuals have worked so hard to make available to those who are interested. Many thanks go to those researchers and to Diane Oswald for taking pictures at this fun event.


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