08 April 2010

English Translations of Florindo's Website Articles

Photo copyright Florindo Cirignano.

So ... the plan is to translate Florindo's official site on Torre from Italian into English, but with the vast amount of info he has posted ... it's going to take some time.  Volunteers will be gratefully pounced upon and immediately put to work ... just email me :-)

The dress above belongs to Antonella Bevilacqua of Torre, and is believed to have been hand sewn and worn by one of her ancestors.  Flo has done a marvelous story on the dress, combining it with a factual story on the cholera epidemic of 1837.  Below are links to the Italian and English versions, as well as a list of other stories that have previously been translated.

The Cholera Epidemic of 1837 (Italian)  (English)

The Warrior Prince and The Sleeping Lion (Italian) (English)

A Black Panther Comes To Torre (Italian) (English)

List of Torre families that survived the earthquakes of 1688 and 1692.

Toponymy of Torre le Nocelle (Italian) (English)

The Premonition of Rosina (Italian with English translation directly beneath)

When San Ciriaco Went To Boston (Italian) (English)

The Return of The Brother (Italian) (English)

 The Mysterious Fountain of Torre le Nocelle (English)

A Heinous Double Murder In Torre le Nocelle  (English)

(L) Florindo Cirignano (R) Ciriaco Vozella
Photo taken March 2009

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