23 April 2010

Helpful Italian Genealogy Research Links

Helpful Tools for Italian Genealogy
A great site on the basics of doing your own Italian research. Links on where to find the records, how to write for them, including form letters in Italian, and also addresses of Catholic churches and state archives.

The Campania Municipalities
This site lists every comune in the region of Campania and also provides links to official page of each comune, surname statistics, hotels, resorts, photos, etc.

Italian Records Extraction Guide
Includes an overview of Italian records, civil and parish record examples, surnames, glossary of Italian phrases and occupations and handwriting samples.

Latin Genealogical Word List
From the LDS Family History site - very helpful.

Abbreviations in Latin Inscriptions
Sorted alpabetically - a great help for parish and notary records.

Footnote is one of the better subscription sites. They offer yearly accounts from $79, or monthly accounts for $11.95.  They have an amazing amount of original documents and I find I use this site as much, if not more than Ancestry.com.

Another subscription site, but well worth the investment. They have a 14-day free trial period and after that the U.S. Deluxe Membership is $12.95 per month.

Archivio di Stato di Avellino
Contact info for the archives in Avellino, as well as some online documents.

Civil Records of Selected Italian Comunes
A link list of transcribed vital records from various comuni in Italy. Covers mainland Italy and Sicily.

Fantastic links to records that have been transcribed for other comunes in Italy.

Greci Cousins
An amazing site on the genealogy of Greci, Avellino. Photos, transcribed civil acts, online family trees ... you name it.

Italian Genealogy Group
Databases for naturalization and vital records from the Northeast.

Massachusetts State Archives
Online vital records search.

The National Archives and Records Administration site.

The Ellis Island Foundation
Free search of all the Ellis Island ship manifests.

Ellis Island Manifest Extractions
A link to my running database of ship manifests of immigrants from Torre le Nocelle, Pietradefusi and Montemiletto.

North End Boston
Links to Boston's Little Italy

Winchester MA Street Directory
An alphabetical listing of all the streets in Winchester, Massachusetts

Digital History
Great immigrant and early American stories.
The Life Stories of Undistinguished Americans: As Told by Themselves
Hamilton Holt, ed. (New York: J. Pott & Co., 1906)

One Step Web Pages by Stephen Morse
Fantastic links to search almost any genealogical database on the internet.

Google's Online  Language Translator
Free ... and I've found it to be one of the most accurate.

Lower East Side NY Tenement Museum
Great photos depicting life in the tenements!


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